Drop Box

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You use Dropbox….why doesn’t your team? (this should be a heading)

File backup and storage

Back up all of your company’s files in one place. Keep them synchronized across computers, tablets, and smartphones, and accessible from anywhere. They’ll also be protected against accidental deletions and misplaced devices.

  • Version History
  • Remote Access
  • Deletion Recovery
Sharing and collaboration

Improve productivity across your entire company. Use shared folders to create workspaces for teams or projects, and take advantage of fast, secure file sharing for both internal and external collaboration to get everyone on the same page.

  • Secure sharing
  • Team folders
  • Collaborate inside Office
Administrative tools

Easily manage your account using the Dropbox Admin Console. Quickly onboard and offboard users, manage billing, and keep tabs on how data is being shared both inside and outside your company. Complete overview and control.

  • Centralized billing
  • User provisioning
  • Audit logs
Security and control

Safeguard your company’s data with enterprise-grade security features. With the Admin Console, your IT department gets comprehensive oversight over file activity, connected devices, and sharing.

  • Sharing controls
  • Remote wipe
  • Two-step verification
Powerful integrations
Over 300,000 apps are available to extend the power of Dropbox for Business. Supercharge collaboration on Microsoft Office files, and enable critical business functions like eDiscovery, SIEM, and more.

5 reasons to choose Dropbox for Business

1. Boost productivity by getting everyone on the same page

It’s a whole lot easier to get work done when everyone speaks the same language. That’s also true for technology in the workplace — when everyone on your team shares files the same way, collaboration becomes second nature. Dropbox for Business lets you easily onboard everyone in your organization and removes limitations on file storage and recovery. This frees employees to put all of their work in Dropbox rather than scattering it across email, devices, and apps. As a result, you never have to wonder where a file is when you need it most — the answer will always be: in Dropbox.

2. Retain ownership of business data

If you’ve ever had an employee leave the company with business-critical files, you know the pain — and the importance — of retaining ownership over company data. With Dropbox for Business, you can do just that. While you can’t touch company data stored in Basic or Pro accounts, you retain full ownership of content in Dropbox for Business accounts. So if an employee leaves, you can remotely wipe their devices of work files and transfer the contents of the account to another team member. It’s as painless as it gets.

3. Gain visibility and control over business data

Dropbox makes sharing easy for users, and Dropbox for Business makes keeping tabs on what’s being shared just as easy for IT. Admins can track file-specific activities such as when links are created, people are invited to shared folders, and files are accessed. These activity features help you keep an eye on your account to make sure only the right people can see confidential business data. But while visibility is good, the ability to actively protect data is even better. Dropbox for Business provides additional security by allowing you to remote wipe data from lost devices, enable two-step verification, and restrict users from sharing files outside of the organization.

4. Simplify administration — and save money

Growing a business takes a lot of time and resources. Dropbox for Business makes scaling easier by giving you one bill for all your team’s accounts, predictable pay-per-user pricing, and simplified provisioning, including Active Directory and single sign-on (SSO) integration for larger organizations. And because you get all the space you need and unlimited file recovery, you can retire outdated backup technologies — which means getting money back.

5. Switching is safe and easy

Migrating your team to Dropbox for Business is quick and painless. Existing Basic and Pro users get to keep all their shared folders, and anything private will stay that way. Plus, each team member will have the chance to move any personal files into a new Dropbox that’s all theirs, leaving business data safely in your company’s control. And they can do it all in just a few minutes.
Paul Gratton B.Ed(Hons)